The Digital Universities of Madagascar will be inaugurated on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. The concept was launched in 2012 by i RENALA and is included in the IEM, the programme of the new President of the Republic of Madagascar.
In conclusion of the seminar “Digital University, an opportunity for Madagascar”, initiated by the AUF which took place at the Institut Fran├žais de Madagascar (IFM) and the University of Antananarivo from 4 to 7 December 2012, the MESupReS proposed to implement a multidisciplinary Malagasy Digital University (UNuM).
The feasibility study for the creation of the Malagasy Digital University, in partnership with the French Cooperation, was carried out in June 2014.
Thanks to the MESupReS for this achievement.
In picture the French UNT partners of i RENALA and the message of the President of the Transition during the inauguration of NREN in June 2012.
These French UNTs have more than 20,000 resources (courses, TD, TP, podcasting, video editing, etc.) that are accessible through i RENALA.

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