Government & Citizen Engagement Liberty32-Parliamentary Performance Scorecard

-The project supports one of the most critical priorities of the democratization process: solidifying the democracy accountability in the country and strengthening its institutions. The project would enable Malagasy citizens to play its counter power and watchdog roles, by asking for more accountability and transparency from their elected representatives. The data gathered will be present on website allowing citizen to get information about the performance of MPs and tracking about the assembly works.

Health & Well-Being Miahy Project-Diabetes and high blood pressure

-The project is planned according to the epidemiological situation of diabetes and arterial hypertension in Madagascar. This project aims to contribute to the reduction of the incidence and mortality related to these two diseases by acting on adolescents through sensitization, and on people affected by these diseases by offering coordinated, adequate and accessible care in order to avoid chronicity and complications.

Learning & Education Mazava-LMDinAPP

-LMDinApp is a pedagogical follow-up app, designed to help students from his first registration in university to their graduation. The application that meets Students, Teachers and Institutions to promote better training and orientation to ensure the students professional success. Digital workspace environment, multiplatform it is available in smartphone, tablet and desktop.

Environment & Green Energy Cocolife

-COCOLIFE is extra virgin coconut oil, extracted cold, the extraction temperature does not exceed 45 degrees C. This mode of extraction keeps all the elements responsible for the virtues and benefits of the coconut oil. it is an extraordinary health product that is used in cosmetics, cooking and pets. The project also adheres to social and environmental values because our goal is not to cultivate hectares of coconut, but rather to collect the raw materials, which allows to integrate the local population into the project.

Smart Settlements & Urbanization Ankaiza

-With AnkOaiz, anyone can find directions from any place to another ! Suggested trips, nearby places, keyword-based searches and directions, all of those features are available in a single 3 MB office multi-language app !